I am a Utah based food photographer, I have always had a love of food. I specialize in shooting food editorials and commercial work. I love to help clients grow their business through colorful and lively imagery. 

Growing up, my parents taught us the importance of food. We did not eat to live; we lived to eat. Looking back on the memories created from family vacations; we constantly refer back to the meals eaten during our trips. The gator tail and key lime pie in Florida, the perfect curry in London, and the tiny shack on the coast in Oregon where I learned the messy art of eating crab legs. All these memories helped inspire me to pursue food photography.

I graduated with a BFA in Photography in 2012. During my studies I was instructed to discover what I’m passionate about and find a way to incorporate photography into it. I immediately knew that my passion was food. Luckily my husband, Trent shares the same enthusiasm, usually consuming 3x the amount I eat… he’s also a photographer and we work together often.

I constantly seek to create beautiful images that tell a story. Food is what brings us together. Through my food photography I hope to not only make your mouth water, but make you want to sit down with friends and family over a good meal.

Select Clients

Nature Nate's Honey Co. I Black Bow Chocolates I Keto Krack'd I Notch Peak Beef I Wild Coyote Foods I La Nay Ferme I Gibbs Smith I West Jet Magazine I Valter's Osteria I Mora Ice Cream I Cafe Zupas I Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen I Underwraps

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