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  1. Utah Food Photographer | RubySnap cookies

    2018-12-19 20:46:49 UTC

    I wrote up this blog post a while ago, but the hadn’t released the cookie yet, so I waited to publish it and then I had a baby (Charles. He’s so cute and I’ve been eating up my time on maternity leave with him.) and forgot to publish the post…

  2. Utah Food Photographer | RubySnap Ingredients

    2018-08-27 22:20:28 UTC

    I love shooting for local companies. As a food photographer, it’s so fun to help them bring an idea to life. Shooting for RubySnap is no different. By photographing with them often, we’re able to create all kinds of interesting images and tell her companies story visually, really intriguing the…

  3. Beauty Photographer | Suzy Bobby Pin

    2018-07-28 20:16:48 UTC

    I’ve shared some of my photos for Suzy Bobby Pin before. I’ve shot for them several times. Check out a few more photos I’ve done for them:

  4. Food Photography for RubySnap Cookies

    2017-10-10 20:23:45 UTC

    If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently started shooting for RubySnap cookies. Oh man are they delicious. This job proved once again that being a food photographer is the best gig out there… And it’s a good thing I don’t work at RubySnap full time… Doesn’t…

  5. Suzy Bobby Pin

    2017-10-03 21:16:49 UTC

    I’m not the most fashionable of people… being a mom has all but killed that side of me. Although I do try, it’s something that has fallen by the wayside. But I do have friends that are. My friend, Emily, started an online boutique, Suzy Bobby Pin. I was lucky…

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