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  1. #throwbackthursday: Trent’s banana bread

    2015-03-05 11:54:00 UTC

    Trent made his banana bread this past week, so it feels like the perfect time for a #tbt. He took half a loaf to school with him the other day. Someone told him that it is the best banana bread they’ve ever had. Yep I don’t make banana bread. One…

  2. Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

    2015-02-27 14:24:00 UTC

    V Today we went exploring in some nearby woods. I’m constantly amazed at how long this little toddler of mine can walk. I’m certain if we were still in Utah, he wouldn’t have the resistance built up to walk nearly as far as he does. He definitely has London legs.…

  3. Garlic Rosemary Bread

    2014-11-14 10:23:35 UTC

    Right now my kitchen is a complete disaster. Little G has recently decided that any food he does not eat should go on the floor. I don’t always catch him in time to stop him. This morning was one of those times. We made muffins. My favourite recipe. (I will…

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