Photos for Duchess Hot Chocolate in Utah

A few weeks back I did some photos for my friends, Clare and Arthur, in Utah who are starting a new business. It was under wraps for the last little while and I was itching to be able to show the images. Their business, Duchess Hot Chocolate, is up and running now and I am so excited to share the photos I took for them.

Their hot chocolate is unlike any I’ve ever had before. It is velvety, smooth and rich. It has a hint of cinnamon, not too much to overpower the chocolate flavour, just a note to add to its symphony of chocolately goodness.

They are part of the food truck scene of Utah and Salt Lake counties, but they’re not a food truck, they’re a food trike. Yes, that’s right, a food trike. Clare makes the hot chocolate right there on the cutest wooden trike you’ll ever see. I only wish the trike had been finished being made before I left for London so that I could have photographed Clare in action.

If their hot chocolate doesn’t win you over 100%, Clare and Arthur’s charm will. Clare is from the UK. So, if you’re like most American’s, you’ll swoon over her accent; not to mention, she’s just as sweet as her hot chocolate. You’ll be coming back for your chocolate fix as well as for a chat with this delightful Brit.

Follow them on instagram and Facebook to know where they’ll be next. You won’t want to miss out on this. I wish I were in Utah this winter so I could snag some Duchess Hot Chocolate.

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