Rock Candy for Independence Day

We’re a little late at posting this, but at least it’s still July! I was tasked along with my food stylist, Lindsey, to create some patriotic themed imagery for a client. We ended up having some left over rock candy. I thought it would be fun to photograph it. I couldn’t help but feel it looked a bit like fireworks with the light behind it. Rock candy just might win the most patriotic sweet award (I promise it’s a thing) with these headshots. Which variation do you like best? 

Soda on White | Utah Based Beverage Photographer

A while back I decided to play around with sodas. I wanted to keep things simple and try a large variety of shots, so I kept it all on white. I actually used real ice for this one… sometimes real ice just looks… well the most real, but it meant I had to be quick. The splash shot was fun to create, but sure made a sticky mess! 

If you have some beverage photography needs I’d love to speak with you about your project. Shoot me a line and we’ll get the ball rolling. 

Quesadilla Cook Book

I am so excited to share these images with you. I shot this Quesadilla cookbook for Gibbs Smith this past summer and received a surprise at my door a few weeks ago: the final copy . 

These images were so fun to shoot. It definitely was a creative stretch to shoot all the same type of food on repeat, but I loved that creative flex. We wanted to go with really bright and bold colors paired with hard light reminiscent of the southwest sun. I loved how it all turned out and had such a great, hard working team with this. Would not have been able to do it without them!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Butternut Squash Soup

We’re in the longest, but  shortest month of the year. Does anyone else feel like February is unending? We’re still in winter and I’m just ready for warmer days, but Mother Nature says more snow is on the way. What better way to warm up than with soup, am I right? 

This was such a fun personal project. I went all in with contrasting color and played with varying layers; it was quite a balancing act. In the end, I love how it turned out and was unlike anything I’d done before. Definitely want to play with this idea some more in the future. 

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