Horchata | Utah Food and Beverage Photographer

I made horchata for the first time last year just before Cinco de Mayo. It’s the easiest thing to make and I honestly wish I had made it years ago. It takes a little bit of forethought, which isn’t my strongest point. There isn’t much better than a cool glass of horchata with a spicy street taco, though. 

Grilled Cheese Please | Salt Lake City Based Food Photographer

I mentioned a little while back that I’ve begun making my own sourdough bread. One of my favorite things to make with it is a good ol’ grilled cheese sandwich. You can’t really go wrong. I love it with a variety of cheeses, sprinkle some aged white cheddar and parmesan, making sure to add some to the crust and I’m a happy camper. 

For the first image, of just the cheese slice, I used a standard Swiss. I wanted the iconic holes to really tell the story and be playful against the blue backdrop. In the sandwich, I used the cheese of childhood, American cheese, because I wanted it to be super gooey; just to ooze out. The result makes my food photographer heart happy. 

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Cherry Yogurt | Salt Lake City Based Food Photographer

A little while back we were almost out of yogurt. Yogurt is a breakfast staple for my two youngest, so this was a serious problem. I felt a strong aversion to going to the store, and I knew that you could make more yogurt with just a small amount of plain yogurt and milk. So thanks to the internet, I quickly discovered how, and in a few hours we had some homemade yogurt on our hands. My children decided that they loved it far more than store bought and I’ve been making it since.  

Iced Crio Bru | Utah Beverage Photographer

I just had some iced Crio Bru today. I hadn’t had any in months and I forgot how good it is. With the cold weather I’ve been taking it warm, but I prefer it iced. It reminded me that I haven’t posted these gif and images yet. Some clean white beverage shots along with some fun little gifs. I hope you enjoy them. They were a blast to make. 

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Recent Work | Wild Coyote Foods

The idea behind the images was featuring their dressings in a way that was lighter and diet friendly. The brand was seeking for warmer tones in their imagery, to evoke the feeling of home and family. 

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