Cherry Yogurt | Salt Lake City Based Food Photographer

A little while back we were almost out of yogurt. Yogurt is a breakfast staple for my two youngest, so this was a serious problem. I felt a strong aversion to going to the store, and I knew that you could make more yogurt with just a small amount of plain yogurt and milk. So thanks to the internet, I quickly discovered how, and in a few hours we had some homemade yogurt on our hands. My children decided that they loved it far more than store bought and I’ve been making it since.  

Iced Crio Bru | Utah Beverage Photographer

I just had some iced Crio Bru today. I hadn’t had any in months and I forgot how good it is. With the cold weather I’ve been taking it warm, but I prefer it iced. It reminded me that I haven’t posted these gif and images yet. Some clean white beverage shots along with some fun little gifs. I hope you enjoy them. They were a blast to make. 

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Recent Work | Wild Coyote Foods

The idea behind the images was featuring their dressings in a way that was lighter and diet friendly. The brand was seeking for warmer tones in their imagery, to evoke the feeling of home and family. 

I create content for food brands that showcases their product in the best light. I help clients with recipes that feature their product and create stunning imagery to go along side them. I’d love to speak with you about how I can help your company with killer content. Click here to get started. 

Quarantine Passtime | Sourdough Bread | Food Photographer

Over the summer I joined the millions who started making sourdough bread. I made the starter with my children. They loved watching it change, become bubbly and begin to smell. They even named our starter: Starter Steve. 

With it we’ve made, chocolate cake, sweet rolls, sandwich bread, crackers and of course a classic sourdough loaf. 

Spec Work | Bibigo Wontons

I recently did some spec work for Bibigo wontons. I wanted to highlight the architectural aspect of the wontons and bring out the greens in the filling.  It was unlike any work I’ve done previously, but I really enjoyed stretching that creative muscle and coming up with something different. 

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