Utah Food Photographer | RubySnap Ingredients

I love shooting for local companies. As a food photographer, it’s so fun to help them bring an idea to life. Shooting for RubySnap is no different. By photographing with them often, we’re able to create all kinds of interesting images and tell her companies story visually, really intriguing the customer. Also it creates a stronger brand image, which any business owner knows is crucial to a thriving business. 

This shoot was a little different from our usual shoots. They wanted some beautiful images of some of the ingredients in their unique cookies. It was fun to play around with these tropical ingredients. (Did you know Tami, the owner, flies to Bali to get the vanilla herself from a small family run plantation? So cool. I love the care she puts into her product.) 

Editing these photos made me wanting a tropical smoothie, and lets throw in a beach somewhere. Sun, sand, and smoothie… and of course some RubySnap cookies wouldn’t hurt. Anyone else with me?

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Utah Food Photographer | From the Garden

Being a food photographer, I, of course, love all things food. Gardening has been something I’ve wanted to start learning about for some time and this year we have a small space for me to give it a go. It’s been so fun to slowly reap the rewards to daily watering and caring for my little plants. Today I decided to photograph my harvest. And there will be more to come.

Utah Food Photographer | RubySnap July cookies

Hopefully you all don’t tire of cookie pictures as I seem to have shot for RubySnap quite a bit lately. Being pregnant, it certainly isn’t a subject matter I mind shooting at all. Here are a couple of snaps of their July specials. Too bad they’re gone now. I’ll catch up on blogging recent shoots… and then the baby will come and I’ll fall behind again. C’est la vie. 

Utah Food Photographer | RubySnap Cookies

I have photographed for RubySnap several times now. Not only is it a great job, I mean who wouldn’t want to photograph cookies? But I love their philosophy and the product they put out. I love that they use local products as much as they can, and always all natural. When that kind of care is put into a cookie, you’re going to taste the difference. 

Here are a few more photos I’ve done for them. Hope you enjoy and that you run out and buy some after drooling a little over the photos. I won’t judge. 

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