Butternut Squash Soup

We’re in the longest, but  shortest month of the year. Does anyone else feel like February is unending? We’re still in winter and I’m just ready for warmer days, but Mother Nature says more snow is on the way. What better way to warm up than with soup, am I right? 

This was such a fun personal project. I went all in with contrasting color and played with varying layers; it was quite a balancing act. In the end, I love how it turned out and was unlike anything I’d done before. Definitely want to play with this idea some more in the future. 

Utah Beverage Photography | Duchess Hot Chocolate

I’ve got some friends that make the most amazing hot chocolate. It’s called Duchess Hot Chocolate and it is thick, luxurious and divine. I wanted to create something for them that really defined their brand and showed how luscious and decadent their hot chocolate is. What we came up with does just that. I want to dive right in. 

If you’re interested in quality imagery for your brand hit me up. I’d love to speak with you about your upcoming project. 

Holiday Campaign for Nature Nate’s

I was enlisted by Nature Nate’s Honey Co. to create some colorful Holiday themed imagery for their Holiday campaign this year. What a fun shoot this was! I loved thinking outside the box in terms of Holiday colors and creating work that compliments their orange bottles. 

This shoot was all shot completely remotely. We planned everything out meticulously beforehand with sketches and mood boards and emails along the way as well as sending over shots to the client during the shoot. 

Pizza Party | Utah Food Photographer

A little while back I got hired to do some food styling for another photographer. It was all pizzas. Before the shoot I wanted to try out a few things so I did some practice runs and decided that I might as well shoot one of them while I was at it. I really enjoy doing cheese pulls. They’re quite satisfying to do. 

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