Valter’s of Salt Lake City | Chef Memoir and Cookbook

Last summer I got to check off a career bucket list item. I got to photograph my first cookbook. It was such an amazing experience. Most jobs that I work on are more short lived, but doing a cookbook requires much more time. With all this time, I got to know Valter, Elaine (the author), Christina (the creative director), and some of the talented people who work at Valter’s. We photographed in the restaurant, in the kitchen, the farm where he sources produce, and the place butches where he gets his meat. It was a dynamic project that kept me on my toes. The time spent with them will be something I’ll always look back on with fondness. 

Valter is a true artist. His meals are not only delicious, but inventive, creative, and beautiful. He sketches each dish before it’s created. Now I’ve seen other chefs do this as I’ve watched various documentaries about chefs on Netflix, but to see him in action, was a different experience all together. The dishes we samples were divine and inventive. Watching him handle produce on the farm to putting ingredients together in the kitchen I could see the care and the passion that he has for the food. It comes across in his restaurant as well. 

You can view portions of the book and order it here.


Homemade Gyoza | Utah Food Photographer

Making gyoza was one of my favorite things we did as a family when I was growing up. It was a bonding experience to sit around the table, talking, stuffing gyoza wrappers with delicious pork filling. I remember trying, and mostly failing to make the perfectly crimped edges and being elated when that elusive success came. I remember waiting with anticipation as my parents steamed and browned each divine bundle. I smile, thinking back on the childhood struggle of trying to master chop sticks, ultimately succumbing to stabbing the dumpling with a stick, instead of gently pinching it… I eventually learned how to use them. We didn’t make gyoza often. Maybe once a year, if that. But everyone always loved when we did. I recently made them with my own children. Something I hope we do many more times. I hope it will be something they look back on with the same fondness that I do of my childhood moments making this same dish. 

Beverage Photography | Trader Joe’s Sparkling Lemonade

Here are a couple of shots I did not too long ago of Trader Joe’s sparkling lemonades. This was a fun shoot to work on. Lighting glass is quite different from lighting food and I loved the switch up. I hope to be doing many more beverage photoshoots in the future. 

Aren’t these bottles beautiful? I love their shape!

Utah Food Photographer | Boars Head Sandwich Shot

I recently photographed a sandwich. Just reading those words doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing. I wish I had taken some behind the scenes footage, because this ended up being one of my most favorite things that I’ve styled so far. Building a sandwich for a photo is an art. There are an unreal amount of tooth picks and cardboard in that delicious looking stack. Send me all your meats, cheese and fine breads because I want to build all the sandwiches and pretty them up for their time in the spot light.

I used scrumptious boars head meats and cheeses and harmon’s bread in this sandwich. Definitely worth the splurge… if you’re planning on eating your sandwich and not just taking photos of it. 

More Mood Food | Utah Food Photographer

I’ve been continuing my moody produce project. It has been great having my own garden and receiving produce from La Nay Ferme because it gives me more subjects to continue this personal project. It’s amazing how much shooting for myself can reenergize me and keep creativity flowing. Sometimes as a professional photographer and parent it can be hard to find the time or desire to do personal projects, but when I do, I’m so glad that I did and I feel so fulfilled for doing so. 

(Also, did you know that kale is water repellent? I tried spritzing it and all the water droplets rolled right off. )

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